Select urgent care facilities in Monmouth and Ocean counties are offering COVID-19 antibody tests at their facilities.

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These tests evaluate one's immunity to COVID-19 by taking blood after a finger prick or blood can be drawn from the arm.

I'm going to look into the test as I believe I had a mild case of the virus about six weeks ago experiencing body aches and loss of taste and smell.

While the cost of the procedure is different depending on which facility one goes to, it is advised that patients check with their insurance to see whether the COVID-19 antibody test is covered under their insurance.

Dr. John Pilla told that this test is for those who:

have not been ill, may have been exposed to the (coronavirus) and not developed symptoms, or may have developed mild symptoms.

The doctor went on to say that if a person has COVID-19 antibodies, it is likely that they have developed some type of immunity that would last approximately six to 24 months. Of course, this is all new territory and every patient is different.

Here are the urgent care centers in our area that are performing COVID-19 antibody tests:

Family First Urgent Care - Oakhurst and Toms River

Immediate Care - Brick, Marlboro, Red Bank, Toms River

The Doctor's Office Urgent Care - Manalapan, Brick

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