You know the names. They are the one's that you can't avoid when you're online..or on line at the supermarket for that matter. They are the names that TMZ and the tabloids love, and they do make good headlines. But after a while, enough is enough with some of them.

There is one in particular that I'm getting very tired of hearing. Lindsay Lohan. You want to root for her. You want to feel like she's turned a corner and things are getting better. You want to believe the things she says...and every time you do, there's new drama.

The latest of course is the early morning alleged altercation at the club in New York. I heard about it and my first thought was "Great another three weeks of Lindsay headlines." Hey, don't get me wrong. I hope she gets whatever help she needs to turn things around and I wish her the best, but that doesn't mean I'm not sick of hearing her name.