I recently heard some people talking about a survey that said women have more road rage than men. I consider road rage to be acting out on the anger you have when driving. I'm not sure if that's everyone's definition of it, but it seems to make sense to me. Based on my definition, I have observed way more men than women with road rage.

I think we all get angry when we're driving, and it may just be that women are more angry behind the wheel than men, but when it comes to that anger turning into unreasonable and dangerous actions, I have seen way more men showing the road rage than women.

It's not scientific, it's just my observation. And it's not to say that I have never seen a woman acting with road rage on the roads of New Jersey. What I am saying is, if I see someone driving angrily and being aggressive behind the wheel, I'm more surpised to see it's a woman.   

I guess it all depends on your definition of road rage. For the record, Wikipedia defines road rage as "aggressive or angry behavior by an automobile driver."