Once upon a time I had drinks and birthday cake with these fabulous women.

Do you know who posed for this photo with me? We were celebrating the birthday of the woman in the middle with the white shirt. This was about 7 years ago, after they invited me to join them at a restaurant for drinks, cake, and laughter.

There are several hints I can give you if you want to scroll down and try one hint at a time to see if you can get the answer.


Hint #1: The three woman are sisters.



Hint #2: They were fondly referred to as "The Zerilli sisters."



Hint #3: We were backstage at the NJ Hall of Fame before hitting the restaurant.



Hint #4: The woman in white in the middle, whose birthday it was, has a son that was inducted into the first NJ Hall of Fame, and Mom has danced onstage with him more than once.



Hint #5: Her son is arguably one of the biggest rock stars on the planet. And she is the coolest mom ever.



Hint #6: Her son was Born in the USA...or, more specifically, Freehold. LOL.


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