Did you ever notice some otherwise nice, sweet Monmouth and Ocean County residents change when they get behind the wheel? I thought about it the other day when I was driving on the Parkway around exit 109. I was in the right lane and a guy in an SUV was the left lane. When we both tried to get in the middle lane at exactly the same time, we saw each other and slid back into our lanes. We glanced at each other and both motioned for the other to go first, and then both laughed a little and he let me go. I thought to myself, "a NICE exchange on the Parkway?? That never happens!" It usually doesn't.

What usually happens is people go out of their way to speed up if you're trying to change lanes, cut you off whenever they can, tailgate you if you're not going 90 mph, and of course, there's always that famous New Jersey hand gesture! Of course experts at AAA offer suggestions on how to avoid aggressive drivers and driving, but I think we should just try to be more like the people we are when we're not driving.  At least most of us!