Since the Olympics started about two weeks ago, it seems people have lost sight of what's important during the Summer Games.

How so?

Well...what are two of the biggest stories?

Gabby Douglas' hair and Lolo Jones' virginity (link NSFW).

The best gymnast in the world, making history at 16, and a two-time Olympian who had spinal chord surgery a year ago and came back to win 4th place at this years 100m hurdles race.

Two women who have accomplished incredible things, but we're talking about hair and sex?

Why is everyone focusing on all the trivial issues instead of praising them for their successes? These are some of the best athletes in the world, performing on a stage under the kind of pressure most of us will never know.

They train 6-7 days a week for most of their lives. They sacrifice time with family and friends in pursuit of athletic success.

It's really easy to tear Lolo Jones apart for 'only' coming in 4th place. That means she's the 4th fastest 100m hurdler IN THE WORLD. It's worse when people attribute her not winning a medal to her (lack of a) sex life. Seriously?

I'm all for freedom of speech, but I'm also for responsibility.

It's easy to tweet about a celebrity or an athlete and assume it's not hurting anyone, but these are real people, with actual feelings.

No one would go up to Gabby Douglas in person and say something mean about her hair, so why does anyone think it's okay to do it online?

And furthermore, WHO CARES ABOUT HER HAIR?? She's a gymnast, not a model. Lolo is a track star, not a porn star.

So why does everyone love to hate on them?

I will instead applaud them for the skills, their dedication, and the physical and mental courage it takes to be an Olympian. I'm sure they'll be taking that to the bank. Rock on, ladies.

What do you think is the biggest story from the 2012 Olympic Games?