I watched it last year, and now this season has reconfirmed for me why this show is so great!

Reason #1: It's NOT American Idol.

Reason #2. The show, even in its audition phase, gives us nothing but TRUE talent. No wasted time on stupid auditions from obviously untalented singers and judges who make fun of them.

Reason #3. Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine. The way these three oh-so-talented singers/judges pick on each other and on Christina Aguilera (the fourth judge) is entertainment in and of itself.

Reason #4. The singers listed in Reason #3 start most shows with a live performance, reminding us of why we love them to begin with. These are songs you would never, ever get to hear performed by all of these singers together in any other venue. And they are a thousand times more entertaining than having to sit through an Idol opener of wanna-be's trying to sing a group song (nails on a chalkboard to me.)

Reason #5. This show is based on pure singing talent (hence the title "The Voice"). The judges DO NOT SEE the singer while the audition is happening. (We do, though.) So the judges aren't pulling a Simon Cowell and looking at the beauty of a person or their age. They are judging solely on the singing voice (and the audience's reaction).

Reason #6. The person auditioning GETS TO CHOOSE who mentors them based on how many of the four judges are interested. In a nice change of pace, the JUDGES beg the CONTESTANTS to choose them as a mentor!

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