Are you the first person at every outdoor gathering to be the target of a mosquito attack? You may have only yourself to blame.

Experts say some everyday things you are doing may be the reasons the mosquitoes are heading straight for you, according to a report at They say you may be inviting them to target you for a snack.

You probably have heard that body odor attracts the pests, so you do what you always do...apply deodorant. Here's the problem. They're attracted to that too, specifically the scented variety.

The bugs also love the flowery lotions and moisturizers that we use to make ourselves  pretty while simultaneously advertising ourselves to the mosquitoes. Experts say to avoid products containing lactic and alpha hydroxy acid.

And when it comes to repellant, a good idea is to use one that contains DEET according to the expert, and follow the directions carefully. There's plenty of summer left, and plenty of mosquitoes, too. Wouldn't it be nice if they bothered no one...or at least not the next barbeque?