It is hard for me to believe that anyone would want to sell a Toms River vacation home as beautiful as the Gorga property.  They know where they are going next and they are not looking back.  But why?

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey couple's vacation home is on the market for $2.45 (they dropped the price from $2.9 million) dollars which will be a nice profit. So why are they selling?  Toms River is Melissa's old stomping grounds, I thought she would want to stay forever!

Melissa told that they are saying goodbye because they want to buy a new vacation home in The Hamptons instead. They feel like their Toms River vacation home is an "amazing place" but according to the interview they want a change of scenery. They fell in love at the Jersey Shore and have spent many summers here but they are looking to "change things up".  It really is an amazing vacation home!  Look inside at their remodeling magic here and here!

I did not realize the home was this looks quaint from the outside pic but it is actually listed as 7 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms.  YOU NEED TO SEE THIS HOME, PICTURES AT THE BOTTOM DOWN BELOW. I'm obsessed with the outdoor pool and bar area with a water view! Wishing you guys lots of luck in your new vacation home!

Photo Credit (ground photos): Tom Biondi Photography

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