With summer rapidly approaching, more and more people will be jetting off on leisurely vacations. When it comes to booking a flight, however, it can sometimes be a stressful situation trying to find the right price and the perfect seat.

Many people choose to sit in a window or aisle seat while flying. The middle seat can be annoying as you can feel trapped, especially if you have passengers on either side of you.

When it comes to sharing the armrest, it can be an awkward encounter with your fellow passengers.

According to a travel expert, however, the middle passenger should get access to both armrests to make their flight as comfortable as possible.

"Traveling to your holiday destination should be the start of your exciting adventure, so the last thing you want is to be politely jostling over the armrest with fellow passengers – especially if you’re not sitting next to someone you know," travel expert Rosie Panter told Cosmopolitan.

Daniel McCullough via Unsplash
Daniel McCullough via Unsplash

"It’s universally accepted that the middle seat passenger has drawn the short straw, so they should get the luxury of both armrests," Panter continued.

"Why you ask? The aisle seat passenger has the freedom to stretch their legs and get up and down as and when they please, while the window seat passenger has the luxury of looking out of the window, day-dreaming of their holiday destination, or curling up to rest their head on the side of the plane to enjoy some shut eye, without the risk of passengers needing to clamber over them while they sleep."

If looking to score a free upgrade on your flight, a flight attendant recently spilled the secret on how to act towards cabin crew members.

Miguel Muñoz explained to the Daily Express that passengers should avoid being "dramatic" or lying to cabin crew as it is a sure-fire way to not get freebies.

Instead, Muñoz said passengers who are "nice" and "honest" are more likely to get upgrades, as he personally tends to give upgrades and freebies to passengers he likes.

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