Are you going to get the Monkeypox vaccine?  Even if you want one odds are you won't be able to get your hands on it.

Years ago we knew Monkeypox was a threat and there were vaccines earmarked for the United States but the claim was not formally made bottle it up and ship it over, as a result, Europe said they wanted it and a contract was drawn up.  They have the lion's share of the supply and we are SOL.

We currently have over 7 thousand Monkeypox cases and the numbers are climbing. The epicenter is New York City.  That is not good for Jersey. I know many people who feel immune because this is for the most part affecting the gay community but please understand that monkeypox can be spread from sharing towels and bedding and there is even buzz about it possibly being spreadable via the air.

The point is, that we don't know enough about this thing, and what we do know is that we don't have enough vaccines to control it.  Europe began their vaccines quite frankly because they can.  For those of us that thought COVID got in the way of your life, you should know that this virus knocks you out of commission for 5 weeks, not one.  It is painful and worse than your traditional chickenpox.

I wanted you to know how hard it will be to get a vaccine so you can concentrate on really trying to prevent getting this.  The CDC is giving guidelines for prevention and you can read them here. Don't share towels or bedding, if you are staying in a hotel bring your own.  That's a start.

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