It's summertime at the Jersey Shore and there's one landmark down in Wildwood that you need to check out at least once if you're a Wawa fan.

If you're from New Jersey or PA, Wawa is an absolute staple. From their hoagies to Sizzzlys, you really can't go wrong if you stop in for a quick bite.

Of course, we have all seen our own local Wawas that have signs with big red letters and a bird, but this Wildwood, NJ location is definitely the coolest one in the entire country. 

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google earth

It gives a total old-school shore town vibe and I think it's such an amazing photo-op moment if you're heading down there this year for a trip. It fits in with the vibe of a lot of the other hotels and buildings down in Wildwood, so it makes sense as to why they chose to style this specific Wawa a certain way.

Wildwood is known for its throwback vibe and it gives it so much character. Wildwood is such a staple in New Jersey and has been bringing in crowds for decades and the town has kept that vintage doo-wop vibe ever since!

Just by the looks of it, you can already tell that it's a total tourist trap. It's understandable though. You'll never see another Wawa like this one! It's truly one of a kind.

This Wawa location is located at 418 West Rio Grande Ave in Wildwood, NJ, 08260. I'm sure locals would tell you to steer clear because of how crowded I could see it getting, but you have to take a picture with this one of a kind landmark!

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