We have a winner for the best pizza in Ocean County.

Thousands and thousands of votes came in for our annual "best" pizza polls. We had  round one and round two for the top 5 pizza in ocean county and now we have our winner.

Portsmouth, Bernardbodo, Getty Images
Portsmouth, Bernardbodo, Getty Images

PIZZA -  it's one of our favorites and everyone agrees we have the BEST pizza here in Ocean County and our boardwalk pizza is the best. We are passionate about our pizza, depending on your town, you have the "best" that you get from all the time. Pizza is our go-to when we have friends over or a Friday night when no one has to cook.

I got the list of pizza places from emails, Facebook comments, and our 92.7 WOBM app chats. I can't thank you enough, these are all delicious pizza places in Ocean County, it's time for you to vote for the number one in Ocean County. I know it's tough, most pizza right here is delicious.

Many, many times we ask the question, "What's your favorite food?" Pizza, pizza, pizza is your favorite. It's so true, pizza is a food everyone can always agree on. Ok, maybe not the toppings (I'll take mushrooms) but it's always the smart choice, pizza.

Thank you for all of your votes. The winner of the best pizza in Ocean County is Naples in Little Egg Harbor. Wow, so many of you voted and you love Naples in Southern Ocean County. I have friends that love Naples and say, it's is the BEST pizza in Ocean County. Not only did Naples win, Frank, the owner, does great things for the community. Thanks, Frank for making great pizza.

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