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The older I get, the bigger baby I have become when it comes to the cold.

And the sad news is that the colder weather is practically here so I am not a happy camper.

Howeverrrrrrrrr......there are things that we can get to help us get through the Winter season to keep us warm.

Take a look and if I missed anything good, let me know because I will be buying it like yesterday.



Yes, it is such a simple premise but it is a GENIUS invention. Do you need to send text messages, check your social media accounts or even work from home? Now you can do so while remaining warm and comfortable wrapped up in a Snuggie.

Heated Blanket


We already use blankets to try and keep us warm and this little invention can do that job 10X better. It plugs in and heats up just like a heating pad so yes, you will be very warm.

Thick-Ribbed Knitted Infinity Scarf

heat 3

This scarf is thick and can be wrapped around your neck in a way that can keep the heat in and the cold out. Not to mention, it is stylish too! There are 40 different color options so you can find your perfect match!

Heated Gloves

heat 4

Yes, there is such a thing has heated gloves! These gloves are rechargeable and have three different heating levels depending on how cold you are. Yes, they are bit costly but this one-time purchase would for sure keep your hands warm all winter long.

Heated Socks

heat 5

I honestly did not even know that heated socks were a purchasable item until I googled how to stay warm! But they are! They say if your feet are cold, it makes your entire body cold...just sayin....

Hand Warmers

heat 6

This is a more affordable version of the heated gloves. Just simply hold them and they will keep your hands warm for as long as you need. And the silver lining with this type of product is that you can interchange gloves but still have warm hands!

Okay so seriously...if I am missing a big one, please let me know because it is not even as cold as it is going to get and I am already over Winter.

But otherwise, stay warm!

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