Betty Eadie, 78, medically died after undergoing a hysterectomy operation. However, her alleged experience in heaven has her wanting to go back.

According to Inside Edition, Eadie said the afterlife was so lovely that she would "quite happily die tomorrow."

"I was in the recovery room and suddenly felt every drop of blood had drained from my body," Eadie shared of her experience. "Then this sensation of my spirit coming out of body at tremendous speed... I looked down and saw my body lying on the bed. I knew I had died and thought, 'Oh my God, I'm dead.'"

Eadie claimed three "really ancient men" appeared and alerted her that she had passed away.

Inside Edition reports Eadie's first postmortem revelation was that she had the ability to "fly."

Concerned about her family, Eadie supposedly exited her hospital room via the window and flew to her house.

"My husband was sitting in the armchair, and I stood next to him," Eadie shared. "I was concerned because he didn't know I had died, nor had my children, and I was worried for all of them. But then I was given a glimpse into their futures and saw they'd all lead good lives."

According to Inside Edition, Eadie returned to the hospital and entered a black tunnel. She felt "extremely relaxed and comfortable," and once she drifted through the tunnel, she was met by a figure.

"It was Jesus Christ," she said, adding, "He hugged me and said, 'It's not yet your time.'"

Eadie said "three women — angels — appeared," and Jesus apparently told them, "'Show her everything she needs to know.'" The angels showed her "the most beautiful garden I'd ever seen, like nothing I'd ever seen on Earth."

"The angels then took me around every planet, and then Jesus told me I had to go back to Earth, but I didn't want to," Eadie continued. "Then the most beautiful man I've ever seen appeared, and it was God, and he told me I had to go back. I saw my body and went back into it."

Eadie waited five years to mention her experience to her doctor, who confirmed that she had medically "died" for a short time. Her alleged experience was so prolific that Eadie is now looking forward to death and "can't wait to go back."

Dr. Jeffrey Long, an oncologist and founder of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation, told Inside Edition that Eadie's afterlife experience matched the stories he heard from others.

"A common theme for anyone who dies for a short time is the shining light and out-of-body experience," he shared. "Many tell of meeting up with relatives and even pets who have died ... Yet all of this is impossible because when you die, your brain dies. So, this is difficult to explain."

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