A woman is confused why her husband has been misspelling their son's name for five months.

On Reddit, the frustrated new mom took explained that not only has her husband been misspelling it, but so have his friends.

"My son’s name is Isaac. He is 5 months old. I’ve been wondering why all of my husband’s friends spell it 'Issac.' Today I realized that they spell it that way because HE spells it that way," the woman wrote via Reddit.

"He announced it that way, that is how he refers to him in all his messages. He sends his grandma photo postcards and that is how he spells his name on those. Why? Autocorrect. Send help," she continued.

The mom noted she didn't expect there to be an issue with such a "common name."

"It has really pissed me off! As a one-off it’s fine, autocorrect is silly, haha, etc. But it’s every time and he’s never noticed?! He hasn’t even noticed that everyone else now does the same thing. Mind blown. If someone spells my baby’s name wrong to me then I definitely notice… because he’s my flipping baby!" she concluded.

In the comments section, users commented on how often people mistake the spelling of names.

"My cousin realized he'd been spelling his name 'wrong' when he was 16. His parents spelt it Zachery on his birth certificate but he was taught to spell it Zachary," one person wrote.

"My [father-in-law] spelt my husband’s name wrong on the birth certificate. Best part? He’s named after his dad. So, I have to ask him every time I fill something out because I can’t remember how it’s spelt," another commented.

"My dad can’t spell my name. And to make matters worse, he made my mom change the spelling she liked (which would have made the pronunciation of my name more intuitive). So, I have a name that is constantly mispronounced thanks to my dad who can’t even spell my name," someone else shared.

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