A woman on TikTok was mortified when she realized she accidentally sent photos of her vagina that were meant for her doctor to an unknown email.

User @chezablondebitch, a.k.a. Rhys, is a transgender woman who recently underwent gender confirmation surgery.

As part of her postoperative care, her doctor asked her to send daily updates and photos to ensure the healing process was going as planned.

"Girls, I've done something really stupid - I'm just going to get straight to it," Rhys says in her TikTok as she recounts what happened.

"So, obviously I've just had vagina surgery. And, my doctor goes, 'You're going to have to send us emails and photos of it, just to make sure that it all looks ok,'" Rhys explains.

"So, I'm sending two or three photos once a day or every other day," she continues. "My doctor calls me and goes, 'We haven't got any pictures. Is everything alright?' And I was like, 'I've been sending loads!'"

The doctor rechecked her email and confirmed they hadn't received anything. That's when Rhys realized what she'd done.

"Turns out, I've been sending pictures of my fanny to the wrong f---ing email address!" Rhys says. "So, if anyone's got them, I'm really sorry ... I don't really know what to do!"

Watch her harious TikTok below:

Rhys' viral video has garnered over 15 million views as of publishing, as well as countless comments.

"Some guy's out there trying to explain the emails to his wife," one viewer commented, adding a laughing emoji.

"I laughed way too much at this! I'm howling!" someone else wrote.

"Ohhhh so that's what was in my email this morning," another TikTok user joked.

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