Finding out one's partner has been unfaithful is heartbreaking, especially if they cheated with someone familiar. On TikTok, a woman went viral revealing her now-ex-boyfriend, John, had an affair with her own mother — and even got her pregnant.

Vanessa made the shocking revelation while on vacation. Now, she's trying "to heal" from the betrayal.

"It all started when I was on a girl's trip in Mexico. Roe v. Wade just got overturned that morning and I was calling all the women in my life just to see how they were and to check on them," she shared.

"When I got to my mom she was obviously distraught, crying. I didn't think anything of it because she's a woman, raising a woman in America, and she knows multiple other women who would be affected by this," Vanessa continued.

Two days later, she called her mom again to "check on her." During the call, Vanessa's mom told her she was pregnant. Initially, Vanessa was "happy and excited" at the thought of being a big sister — but the feeling quickly changed when her mom divulged the identity of the father.

"When she told me I was just congratulating her and talking about next steps ... making funny jokes talking about [baby] names," she shared. That's when her mom "cut her off" and confessed she was pregnant with Vanessa's boyfriend's child.

"I asked her to repeat [herself] because, keep in mind I'm a little bit drunk, I'm in Mexico, come on. I was like, 'What?,' and then she says it's by John. After I heard that, my soul left my body and everything that came after that, I was not ready for," Vanessa shared.

In a second video, Vanessa gave more details about what she did after finding out the heartbreaking news.

"As soon as I got off the call, all I could think to do was block. I block her and I block him immediately. At this point, as you can imagine the trip is over, I pack my bags and come back home," she explained.

"Once next steps were figured out, that's when I went back to the house to go and pack everything up and move into my new place. I walked into the house and everything was gone, cleared out, he was out of there," Vanessa continued.

John had taken her belongings "in order to get me to have a conversation with him."

"I asked him if he understands the magnitude of what he's done to me, he says he's sorry and he told me that if I come back he'll make things right and we can rebuild our relationship and that my mother would take care of the child. At that point I gave him the ultimatum, I was like give me my things or I'm putting you in jail. Ultimately he gave my things back," she said.

Vanessa hasn't spoken to her ex or mother since finding out about the affair. Since then, multiple women have come forward to tell her ex was cheating with them.

"I had multiple women reach out to me on socials once I started coming out with the story and they've let me know that they've either had relations with him or they were in long term relationships with him," she claimed.

Now, Vanessa's "in a new place and trying to heal and trying to move on with my life."

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