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We have all been exposed to some whacky material thanks to the internet.

For example, you remember Gorilla Glue Girl? Or what about the girl who suddenly discovered where hair grows from?

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Wild stuff, right?

Those examples I listed above usually solicit the, "Wow, really?" type of reaction...but not this next clip I am about to show you.

According to NYPost.com, a video that has gone viral shows the head of a snake popping out of a woman's ear while a doctor is poking and prodding in an attempt to remove it.

Nope. No. Not happening. I'd be done for.

If you watch the video, you will notice that the doctor never actually removes the snake while the camera is rolling.

He is using tweezers, some sort serum to possibly knock out the snake but what on earth is he waiting for!?

For various reasons, there are a lot of theories circulating online that this video is fake.

According to NYPost.com, commenters predict that the head of the snake was cut off and simply placed in the woman's ear with hopes of going viral.

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

That would explain why the snake is still seen moving and why the woman is almost unphased by the craziness that is going on in her ear.

People have done crazier for social media fame.

I want to open the floor up to medical professionals at the Jersey Shore.

Can something like this realistically happen? And if so, is the doctor following proper protocol?

Facebook Screenshot
Facebook Screenshot

Or does this entire video seem like a scam for clout?

I will be reaching out to medical professionals in the area so we can have an expert's opinion but in the meantime, email me your thoughts at Nicole.Murray@townsquaremedia.com.

On the other hand, exotic animals like this might be your thing.

Did you know you can only own certain ones in New Jersey?

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Who woulda thought?

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