He put a ring on it, but one woman on Mumsnet wants something a bit "prettier."

The anonymous woman explained her awkward situation in a viral post on the popular parenting forum.

"My husband and I got married last year after ten years together ... it is my 2nd marriage, his first," she wrote, explaining they "wear matching plain platinum bands only because, at the time, I genuinely wasn't bothered about an engagement ring."

"It seemed a bit daft, old-fashioned, and a waste of money," she continued. "However, recently, I've been looking at my plain band — and as much as I love it — I am increasingly feeling as if I would like something a bit, well... prettier to wear with it."

The woman shared she goes "to a lot of antique fairs" and often finds herself "gravitating towards the sparkly things."

"I don't wear jewelry really," she wrote, adding her typical style includes "plain stud earrings."

"I don't know where this desire for a bit of bling has sprung from!" she continued. "Would it be weird to buy myself a pretty ring to wear alongside my wedding band, given that everyone would assume it is an engagement ring?"

Whether or not to upgrade an engagement ring can be a polarizing topic, but in the comments Mumsnet users backed the woman's decision.

"Go for it! I have a solitaire, and I like it," one Mumsnet user wrote. "I treated myself to a very bling engagement ring. I just tell people I got it for my tenth anniversary (no one needs to know). If it bothered you, say it came from a treasured aunt. But go for it. Bling is always a good idea!"

"Definitely buy yourself a fabulous ring," another user commented. "If it's good enough for Destiny's Child, it's good enough for all of us!"

"Go for it. If you like antique/vintage jewelry (I love it), you could get something really lovely relatively cheaply!" someone else suggested.

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