Remember watching MTV during the totally awesome 80’s era and singing along to Only the Lonely and Suddenly Last Summer?  Martha Davis and the Motels played a huge role in taking the L.A. New Wave Sound and bringing it to the East Coast.  Lead Singer and Songwriter, Martha Davis knew how to write a song that taught us when you take the “L” out of “Lover,” it’s OVER!  How clever is that?!  Other hits include Total Control, Mission of Mercy, Shame and Danger.  Now you get to sing along to their live performance at the Wonder Bar in Asbury Park on April 11th.  If you want to add to your album art collection, get your hands on the All Four One album, buy a frame and hang it on your wall as a tribute to creativity and artistic expression.  The first single off the album was Only the Lonely, which peaked at No 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1982.  Martha Davis and The Motels are back on tour promoting their latest album The Last Few Beautiful Days and entertaining us with their classic hits.

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