I just drove by the old Pier 1 Imports building last night and was wondering, "What's going to be moving in?"

Pier 1 closed their locations in Monmouth County, Manahawkin, and the Toms River locations last year, mainly due to Covid-19. Recently, Halloween Spirit shop was in there for Halloween and it looked good, once again, a building being used. Now, it's abandoned and empty, we need something good in there.

It was located in the Seacourt Pavilion in Toms River, just off of Hooper Avenue. I always call it the Home Goods Plaza. It's a great location for something. I guess the first question would be, "What does Toms River need?" Does Toms River need another decorating store? Does Toms River need another restaurant, although that might be a good spot for that?

If you love Pier 1 and miss it, you can still buy items online. Click here to shop at pier1.com. I remember always walking in there and it smelling so good. There are those stores that you remember the smell of the store, that was one place, honestly, I couldn't wait to go to just to browse and smell the wonderful smells. I know, weird, but true.

So, what are we thinking? What do you want in the old Pier 1 building in the Seacourt Pavilion? It's off of Hooper, across the parking lot from Home Goods, and across from the Ocean County Mall.

We'll make a list of what you want to see at that empty building.

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