Campy horror movies can definitely be fun to watch. That being said, there are quite a few recurring tropes that are characteristic of the genre. A junky old car that won’t start? Check. A creepy doll with demonic intentions? Definitely. A dramatic chase scene that results in the protagonist falling face-first? You bet.

At one point, each of these plot devices was something new and fresh. But as filmmakers kept mining the same old maneuvers, audiences began to pick up on the patterns. When you know what’s coming in a horror movie, it becomes decidedly less thrilling. Some scary movies attempt to subvert these conventions, while others shamelessly embrace them.

The 10 Worst Horror Movie Cliches Of All Time

While the horror film genre has expanded immensely over the past few decades, there’s still some annoying stereotypes that just won’t go away. Here are the worst clichés in scary movie history.

Gallery — The Most Unintentionally Hilarious Horror Movies Of All Time:

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