New Jersey gets enough bad publicity as it is.

This new article isn't helping our reputation at all.

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That's why it's my job as someone who has lived in The Garden State his entire life to step in and set the record straight.

Lifestyle website Road Snacks decided to "crunch some numbers" to determine the 10 worst small towns to live in.

I don't know about you, but when I think about absolute livability rankings, I think of Road Snacks. C'mon.

Anyway, the brain surgeons used a ton of data for their results.

Just like any other state, New Jersey has its trouble spots. This article aims to determine, using science, the absolute worst small towns to live in the Garden State. Don't shoot the messenger, this is all using data.

The problem with data is it tends to be black and white.

For example, a town may not look spectacular on paper, but it has a lot of character, history, and charm.

Road Snacks looked at the following:

  • Population Density (The lower the worse)
  • Highest Unemployment Rates
  • Low housing costs (meaning there's no demand)
  • Adjusted Median Income (Median income adjusted for the cost of living)
  • Education (Number of high school dropouts)
  • High Crime

I'm sure the people at the publication went solely on the numbers.

I know these towns. I've visited them. I know people who live in these towns and are very happy.

You will also notice that all of the towns in the "top" 10 are in one specific part of the state.

Were they singled out? If so, why?

I don't know, but after viewing the 10 towns, I'm sure you will be able to come up with others that should be on the list.

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