I know people are good, this was a wonderful gift of love I saw this weekend at my Walmart in Lanoka Harbor, NJ.

I was in my local Walmart and a family with three children was in two places in front of me in line. They had a lot of food in their cart. They had some warm clothing, like jackets and pants. I also saw a pair of winter boots on top of the bananas.

This family did not have enough money for what they had in their cart. I could tell Dad was looking and looking around. We've all been there when we forget to bring our credit card or check to pay. But, this was a little different, he had no idea the bill would be so big. Oh gosh, his look was...what are we going to do now and the kids with their big, adorable eyes with big smiles on their faces? They had no idea what their Dad was feeling or what was going on in his head.

Thank goodness for this amazing and kind woman that was behind them. At the moment of seeing that Dad did not have enough money for everything in the cart, I was thinking how can I help...But, she jumped on it in a matter of a second, not even thinking if she should help out or not. She did, how kind? She didn't even think about it. She saw a family was in need, the kids still smiling because they still didn't know what was going on, she said, "I'll help." And, guess what, she paid their whole, entire total. Not just what Dad didn't have, she didn't even ask..she just said, I'll pay the whole thing for them. 

It was amazing, I loved every second of this kindness. If everyone could take a little bit of kindness from this woman wearing the red hat at the Lanoka Harbor Walmart, we would all be a little bit better.


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