Are you a cat person or a dog person?  I know you totally think you have the answer to that question but you actually may not.  Your subconscious is very powerful, and experts say that is the part of you that will truly express your tendencies to be team dog or team cat.  What your subconscious sees in this illusion also says a lot about you as a person. 


This optical illusion was created by and they say it will tell you what kind of person you really are.  After all, there are real differences between dog and cat people.  Let’s see which one sounds more like you and then you can take the optical illusion test.  


Dog Person

Psychologists say dog people are usually fearlessly loyal, warm, playful, easy-going, outgoing, and need others.


Cat Person


Docs say cat people tend to be the real achievers and type-A go-getters, they are more independent and they are always looking for their next big opportunity.  They are leaders and tend to be more creative. 


Sound on point?  I love cats and dogs so I’m going to shake both descriptions up in a glass and drink it. 


Now, onto the grand illusion…first take a long look and scroll down to decipher what it is you are seeing.

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Photo credit:

If you see a red and white spaniel puppy then you are totally a dog person.  If you see two cats sitting side by side then you are a cat person.  If you see both you are me. 

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