This video captured in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park was shared by Siddharth Gandhi Photography a few years ago. After seeing the video, some claimed this was proof of werewolves or the return of dire wolves based on the size of the creature.

The photographer mentioned this was a black colored gray wolf caught on video in the Lamar Valley of Yellowstone. Last time I checked, there were over 13,000 comments and over 10 million views.

While the video left many with a sense of awe seeing a majestic, and rare endangered gray, others that another reaction based on Facebook comments:

Wolves just don't walk up to lights on a road. Whats the deal?

That's a werewolf!

Looked like a dire wolfwhich are supposed to be extinct

Grey Wolf? That thing looks like a freaking baby direwolf

Very cool! Looks like a "Hound from Hell"

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While werewolves may be fantasy, one author took the mythic creature and setting to craft a horror tale, Ted Stetson's Werewolves of Yellowstone can be found for download on Scribd.

Cathy gets a job at the park and becomes entranced by Blake.
Danny and his parents are stalked by a crazy man.

So now that you've seen the video, what do you say, a well-fed gray wolf, or something else?

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