Are you a judgy person? Come on now, be honest, you form some sort of opinion based on someone’s choices, don’t you?

We all make snap judgments from time to time so I was wondering what the public perception was of New Jersey drivers. Does the car someone picks say something about who they are as a human?

Photo by Vlad Grebenyev on Unsplash
Photo by Vlad Grebenyev on Unsplash

You all seem to think so. I asked what personality traits go with certain vehicle brands and you were not short on answers. Don’t think there is a personality to go with each car type? Just look at how advertisements are framed around each vehicle. Some push adventure, others luxury, and Subaru even sells ‘love’.

Lots of people are getting a new car for the new year so it had us wondering, what car personality are you?


We all make snap judgements whether we want to admit it or not...well, it turns out that you guys are willing to share exactly what you think (Jersey shocker). I asked you what your perceptions are of New Jersey drivers behind certain vehicles and you had a lot to say...

The survey concluded that if you drive a BMW in New Jersey you have ranked as the biggest snob thanks to your "car personality".  Do you agree?

No matter what car you drive, be very careful on the most dangerous roads in New Jersey.

The 25 Most Dangerous Roads in New Jersey

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