Phase one of the 17-year project formerly known as Xanadu, now American Dream is opening on Friday. There are a lot of attractions to look forward to, but what you won't be looking forward to is paying to park.

Now you may be saying "it's a mega-mall near the stadium, of course, they have to charge for parking." Wrong.

A couple of years ago I visited The Mall of America in Minneapolis. This is the biggest mall in the U.S. They could easily charge for parking, but they don't. Why? Because the mall is not in New Jersey.

If there is a way for this state to instate a cash grab, they'll sign right up.

Here's how much it'll set you back to park at American Dream.

  • 0 – 29 min: Free (you're so kind)
  • 30 min - 3 hours: $3
  • Up to 4:59 hours/min: $4
  • Up to 6:59 hours/min: $5
  • Up to 7:59 hours/min: $6
  • 8+ hours: $24 (Maximum all-day rate applies)

By the way, because the mall is so close to MetLife Stadium, whenever there's a major event like a Giants or Jets game or concert, parking for the mall skyrockets to $30!

I know, big deal, you have to spend up to $6 for an all-day stay at what is really a resort. The money isn't the point. It's the principal. Whether you're single or bringing a family of four to the mall, good luck not spending less than a couple of hundred bucks at the stores and attractions. And that's ok. But, why charge for parking for paying customers?

Fun fact: there are 11,000 parking spaces at American Dream. Those $3 charges will add up to a very nice payday.

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