One of the benefits of living at the Jersey Shore is that we are a quick ride to NYC for a Broadway Show. One show you want to check out this summer is Young Jean Lee’s Straight White Men at The Hayes Theatre. The promotional photo for the play features the lead actors standing in the center of a Monopoly Board Game. Who doesn’t like game night?!

The all-star cast includes Kate Bornstein, Armie Hammer, Josh Charles, Ty Defoe, Paul Schneider and Tom Skerritt, so you know you are in for an evening of quality live entertainment. The father-son themed story takes place on Christmas Eve when Ed (Skerritt) gathers his three adult sons, Drew (Hammer), Matt (Schneider) and Jake (Charles) for some family bonding time. Their idea of celebrating Christmas Eve is trash-talking with Chinese takeout while sporting matching pajamas. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

The tone of the festivities quickly changes by a question they can’t answer. A soul-searching journey forces them to confront their own sense of self. The New York Times describes Young Jean Lee as, “the most adventurous downtown playwright of her generation.” Tony winner, Anna D. Shapiro directs the thought-provoking story with some funny moments, which is only running for 10 weeks, beginning June 29th. Click here for ticket information and details. This will be Armie Hammer’s Broadway debut, I’m sure he’s got this one…I’m gonna do it…nailed! See you at the show!

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