It's that time of the year for fall youth sports at the Jersey Shore. Practices are in full swing. With the weather being completely unpredictable there are some things you should know if you are a first timer. As a former team mom and assistant coach trust and believe that this little tidbit of information will be completely helpful to both you and your little athlete. 

First, let's talk about keeping your child hydrated. Be sure to always provide your child with a water bottle labeled with their name. Too many times things get picked up by another child with the same bottle and you do not want your child to be left without. Do not assume the coach will provide water. No matter how cool the temps are out there, your child still needs to drink water. On warmer days maybe an extra bottle of water instead of a sports drink. While sports drinks do provide electrolyte replacement, they are also loaded with sugar and sodium. Should you choose to have your child drink the sports drink, provide them with water as well. 

Now let's discuss dressing for the weather. This time of year gets a little wacky. Hot in the day and cool at night. It will only get worse once September hits. Have a sweatshirt available. For football players, or other athletes getting cold gear is a great option for keeping your child warm in the colder months to come. Heat gear for the warmer weather is a great option as well. Yes, these items are pricey but they are totally worth the expense. 

Injuries happen, especially in contact sports. If you see your child is hurt, do not run out onto the field. Let the coaches assess first. They will call you over if it seems needed. The last thing your child needs is to see you panicked when they are panicking. If your child is really injured, please take them to a doctor to get checked out. As much as you want to see your child in the game, you don't want a small injury to turn into something that could have been prevented. 

I will end with this, let the coaches coach. If you are going to tell the coaches how to coach then maybe you should volunteer your time to coach. If not then sit back and watch your child play. Enjoy the growth of your child and their team as a whole. There is nothing better than seeing a group of supporting parents on the sidelines cheering for all the kids! Good luck to all fall sports at the Jersey Shore!! May the best team win!

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