Having just gotten back from Key West, Diane and I are slowly getting back to the realization that it is still winter, and even though we a arrived to a very warm Garden State February day, it's not enough. And now the cold is back.

There's even talk of a return of the polar vortex, and that's just not fair. It's not fair after temperatures in the 50's yesterday and it's certainly not fair when you spent a week putting on sunblock and a bathing suit and you enjoyed sunshine and 84.

Now I couldn't bring everyone to Key West with me, but I promised myself I would bring a little Key West back for everyone, so enjoy this picture, which was the view of an island resort just across the water from our hotel.

This is the same view you would enjoy from a place called Mallory Square, where hundreds of people gather each night to watch the sun set. I wish you could have been there, but I hope the photo warms you up just a little this morning.