polar vortex

Talk Of Polar Vortex…Already?
One of the unwelcome weather lessons we got last winter was Polar Vortex 101, and nobody wants to go through that again. There is talk, however, of a polar vortex already. Welcome to November.
The Omega Blocks Our Spring Temps
We're learning a lot about weather this year, not that we really wanted to. Our next lesson about weather phenomenon that may be messing up our spring is something called the Omega Block.
NJ’s Winter ‘Not That Bad’ [AUDIO]
Following a taste of spring this past weekend, the colder temperatures have returned to New Jersey. Maybe we shouldn't be complaining, though; the Garden State has experienced much colder winters than this one.
A Little Key West For A Cold Jersey Shore Morning
Having just gotten back from Key West, Diane and I are slowly getting back to the realization that it is still winter, and even though we a arrived to a very warm Garden State February day, it's not enough. And now the cold is back.
Tips for Driving in Snow
The 'Polar Vortex' is coming back, and with it, snow.
If every time a flake falls, you're worried about getting to and/from work or school, here are some helpful tips.
Polar Vortex May Help You Find Love
We endured the unbelievably low temperatures of a polar vortex, and some meteorologists say we may be in for some more trouble from the polar vortex. The good news, it may have helped your love life!
Amazing Hot Water in the Air Test [VIDEO]
As we all deal with the polar vortex (aka) the really cold weather, we're seeing more and more videos of people throwing hot or even boiling water in the air to see what happens in the sub-zero temperatures. Most had no luck, but I did an experiment of my own outside of the radio station and yo…