Jon Bon Jovi and the band made a $1 million donation to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief fund and the donation comes at a very important time for residents of New Jersey.

As the rest of the world seems to have moved on to the next set of headlines, many  in New Jersey literally feel like the battle to rebuild has just begun. Maybe the world outside New Jersey doesn't see the utter devastation that still remains. But one trip on Route 35 along the shore, or dozens of other Monmouth and Ocean County roads is all brutal reminder that we need.

The Bon Jovi donation is obviously generous, but with the international headlines his name produces, it will also be a reminder to the rest of the world that we are still far from being rebuilt.

Here's to hoping that the money gets to those in need of it as quickly as possible, and that the world outside New Jersey remembers that we're still fighting the battle against Sandy, and we'll get there. We're just not there yet.