According to published reports, Bon Jovi's group still has a chance to own the Buffalo Bills after their latest bid was accepted, keeping them in the running.

Bon Jovi and his associate's earlier bid was reportedly much lower than other bids and, according to, the earlier bid didn't "make the required assurances that the team would remain in Western New York for the long haul".

Bon Jovi is still far from getting the team, though. There are reportedly several bids being considered, including ones from Donald Trump and Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula.

Of course the big question still remains. If Bon Jovi was to to get the Buffalo Bills and they were to play the Giants (just like what happened earlier in pre-season) who would the true New Jersey Giants/ Bon Jovi fan root for?

Well, you don't have to decide right away, since Bon Jovi doesn't own the Bills yet, and the two teams do not play each other in the upcoming regular season.