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Former Manalapan Mayor Found Guilty on Federal Fraud Charges
Former Manalapan Mayor Andrew Lucas was found guilty following a two-week federal fraud trial. He was convicted Thursday of falsifying documents and setting up a sham company to gain a loan and investment money, to buy a local farm in 2009 that earned him over a million dollars in farmland preservat…
NJ’s Disaster Information Access Act [AUDIO]
On Thursday, the Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee is scheduled to consider a bill focused on letting residents and business owners know when their lights will be turned back on following power outages.
NJ Aims to Ban Internet Blackmail Scheme [AUDIO]
Innocent people are sometimes arrested, but if their mugshots or rap sheets are posted on websites before charges are dropped or they are acquitted, it can ruin their reputations. Some shady website operators know this, and are actually charging arrested people not to post the embarrassing informati…
Fire Union Offended by Christie Comment [AUDIO]
A 2 percent cap on salary increases that arbitrators can award for public employees expired March 31 and Gov. Chris Christie has been using his Town Hall meetings as a vehicle to rail against the Democrat-controlled Assembly for not talking action on a bill to extend the limit.

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