I love New Jersey. I love our attitude. After a long fall and winter, everyone said "I'll never complain about summer weather again", but by noon yesterday, I had already heard my first, "this is ridiculous"

Five minutes later I heard somebody asking the person next to them "what happened to spring...it goes straight to summer!" It's hard to argue that one on an April day that was in the mid 80's.

I am one of those people, though, who is going to stick to my promise that I won't ever complain about summer heat again. I am beginning to see that that is going to be a bit of a challenge.

In the meantime I am going to enjoy watching the real New Jersey in us come out, at least for another day. Let's admit it. We kind of like to complain, and that's ok.  It's what we do! I have to go...it's too hot to type. Just wait until the humidity hits.