It seems that, not only are climate changes going to occur along the Jersey Shore, but it seems those changes are already here.

According to a study done by a group of scientists, reported at, not only have we seen weather changes, but more heatwaves, storms and downpours are in the forecast for us.

This report included 300 scientists and experts and also included 13 federal agencies, and began during the Bush administration, and some of the findings are unsettling.

According to the report, by the middle of this century, New Jersey can expect to deal with 60 more days a year when temperatures reach or exceed 90 degrees than they did at the end of last century.

The study also predicts more post-Sandy coastal flooding, even without storms, due to the rise in sea levels. The report says, “Sea-level rise of two feet, without any changes in storms, would more than triple the frequency of dangerous coastal flooding throughout most of the Northeast.”

The findings also say that climate changes are not responsible for single events like Sandy, but are "teachable moments".