My Grandpa is one of the coolest people I know, mostly because he's funny when you don't expect it. I've decided I should start documenting some of his pearls of wisdom...and more importantly to share them with you.

We'll start with his thoughts on baseball. Who doesn't love America's pastime, right?

Hanging out on Easter, we got to talking about baseball. I'm a Yankees fan, he's a Mets fan...but he's got some choice thoughts when it comes to actually seeing a game live.

Don't buy a baseball ticket...stay home, watch the game on TV. Buy a pack of hot dogs and a case of beer for the same price and you can watch replays of the guy dropping the ball."

Clearly Grandpa has never been to Thirsty Thursdays with the Lakewood Blueclaws. ($1 drinks and .50 wings!!)

When it comes to the big leagues though, he's not really wrong. $100 for a ticket, $12 for a beer, $8 for a hot dog...AND you have to deal with traffic and a seat far less comfortable than your couch. (And let's not talk about the view from the $100 seats...)

As for the guy dropping the ball...well, I told you he's a Mets fan.

Grandpa Dom is 92 years young, and after living most of his life in Brooklyn, has been living in Manalapan for nearly 20 years. He's an Army vet, worked as a butcher for many years, then worked as a technician for the US Postal Service. A widower, a father of two, grandfather of four, great-grandfather of one...he's the man.

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