I did a little informal survey around the Shore over the past few days, and based on that, most guys aren't ready for Valentine's Day. For some guys, my question seemed to act as a reminder.

About 70% of the guys I surveyed haven't purchased a gift yet, and about 1 in 4 guys haven't even given it a minute of thought yet. There are some lucky girls out there, huh? Hey, let's look on the bright side. 75% of the guys surveyed have at least thought about it!

When the guys get around to picking up those symbols of love, what they choose may be telling you something, according to the experts.Here are what some gifts may be saying.

You open up the gift and see that he has gotten you the latest gadget. Your first thought might be something about his complete lack of romance, but before you go there, experts in a report at msn.com say, look at the bright side. it shows he's practical and modern.

If your Valentine's gift comes in the form of a piece of workout equipment, let's hope you specifically asked for it. If not it may show that your guy has a hard time expressing himself and might be a little too concerned about appearance. You think?

How about tickets to your favorite band's concert? Turns out the experts like this one. They say it shows that he's been paying attention to the things you like and he looks forward to doing new things with you.

I guess we can really read too much into anything so we should be careful about that, but I guess it's human nature. I think the best gift is one you know someone put some thought and effort into. Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!