A dog thrown from a moving car on the parkway. A woman gets her leg stuck in the boardwalk. Those stories and more in today's Monmouth and Ocean County News from Townsquare Media.

A thousand dollar reward is being offered in the search for a person who reportedly threw a dog out of a moving car on the Parkway. Police say it happened on the southbound express lanes near exit 116 in Holmdel between Noon and 1 pm Saturday. The brown female mixed terrier was then hit by another car and suffered serious injuries. The dog's name is Lima, and she was stolen from her Keansburg home just hours earlier.

On Saturday night, Lakewood resident Chandra Martin died from injuries suffered when she was struck crossing Rt. 88 near Linden Avenue. Police say her relatives and friends then severely beat the driver who allegedly hit her. Juan Gregorio-Chacon of Lakewood had to be flown to the hospital.

The beach at Seven Presidents Park in Long Branch reopened yesterday after medical waste washed up on shore. Officials closed the area Saturday afternoon after beach goers reported finding syringes and other trash.

Narcan is saving lives, but it's not the magic cure-all for heroin overdoses. The heroin reversal antidote has been effective in reviving two dozen overdose victims in Monmouth County, but the recent death of a 50-year old Wall Township man who couldn't be saved with Narcan serves as a sobering reminder. Since police in Monmouth County started carrying Narcan two months ago, none of the 26 victims have been repeat overdose victims.

Ocean County investigators are trying to figure out how a Pennsylvania woman out crabbing yesterday afternoon got trapped in a boardwalk. The county Sheriff says Wenli Wang's leg went through the boardwalk. Rescue crews were eventually able to get her leg, by then swollen from a nail that cut her, out of the 4-inch hole.

An Asbury Park man has died after losing control and flipping his jeep near the railroad tracks at Memorial Drive early yesterday. Police say 23-year old Jeffrey Voltaire suffered serious injuries and died at the hospital. His four passengers survived.

A motorcyclist was killed Sunday afternoon at the intersection of Cedarbridge and Arlington Avenues. David Rudy Gaines was a long-time township resident who worked as a contractor for the Lakewood Inspections Department.

An Ocean County man remained in critical condition this weekend after an incident on Thursday. Police say the man was struck by a blunt object during an assault, then fell to the ground where his head was partially impaled on a metal rake. 31-year old Daniel Sutton of Berkeley Township has been charged in the attack.

In Lakewood, three people are arrested after a fight at a banquet hall. Three people were arrested after a scuffle broke out in the parking lot after a small concert. At least one of the suspects was arrested for fighting with a police officer.

There are more cars on our roads this time of year, and more drivers acting less than friendly behind the wheel. Summer weekends are when state police see a spike in #77 calls -- the hotline for reporting aggressive drivers. State Police say while they always respond to #77 calls, 911 takes top priority.

New clothes, backpacks, supplies... it's all part of the back-to-school spending routine. Some online data shows parents also spend, on average, over $400 per school year for extracurricular activities. Some experts advise parents who are struggling with the extras to set some limits on their kids' after-school clubs and sports.

Youth sports camps, Olympic development teams, college recruitment before high school...is too much pressure being placed on young athletes? Some psychologists say getting personal trainers or specialized coaches is fine if parents aren't placing too many expectations on their kids to play on the collegiate or professional level. That pressure, says psychologists, can set young athletes up for failure.