When you think of avoiding stress and drama in your life.....do you think of turning to Vinnie Guadagnino?

Vinnie has been through it all....you've SEEN the partying he's done and the drama he's dealt with at the Jersey Shore house in Seaside. And now he wants to pass along to you his advice for "controlling the crazy."

Vinnie has just published a book! It's called "Control The Crazy."  It's his plan to stop stressing, avoid drama, and maintain his inner cool.

If you watch the MTV show regularly, you know Vinnie has experienced anxiety and panic attacks and even had to leave the Jersey Shore house for a while to go back home and let his family help him escape the drama and craziness of his life in Seaside.

Chronic anxiety affects many and Vinnie wants to speak out and share his condition...hoping to help others in the process.

Vinnie will be on our show tomorrow at 8:40 am. We'll get all the scoop directly from him!

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