I'm from the K-Cup generation. You know, those little single serve coffee pods that you use in Keurig machines.

I realized today that I am utterly useless with a normal coffee machine.

There it stood before me. An empty coffee pot. Dear Lord, what do I do?? Obviously, I know you put the water in the water part, and thankfully the glass was marked as to the right final-cup-to-water ratio.

So what's the problem? I have no idea how much of the actual coffee to use!

The container said to use 8 tbls of coffee for 10 6 oz. cups. Okay, so I put enough water in for 10 cups, but is that 6 oz. cups or 8 oz. cups??

Aside from the fact that we don't have measuring spoons here...nor was there a scoop in the container. So I had to guesstimate tablespoons with a regular plastic spoon.

And then to figure out how to get it to brew? Are we kidding?

Well, I finally got it going, the coffee is made, and I'm now sipping away. Is it good? I don't know, I just burned my tongue, so I can't taste it anyway.

This is a Tuesday if I ever saw one!! Where's the closest Dunkin...

Are there things you realize you don't know how to do anymore because of technology? Share your comments below!