It's a tradition that started four years ago at Manasquan Elementary School in honor of International Peace Day. But I have received children's comments from far and wide!

I asked my mom friends on Facebook to ask their kids what peace means to them, and received many amazing comments, like these:

"Peace means happiness and no war," (from Logan)

"Peace means love, God, and your family,"(from Kennedy)

"Peace means peace & quiet, no fighting, and love," (from Ethan) only an adorable little kid could put it...

"Peace means part of a cake, you know Ma, like you put on a plate!", (from Drew).

Too cute!

(Photo by Liz Jeressi.)

I just want to say thank you for the inspiration about spreading peace around the world from all the kids who answered my question about peace online, and to the 800 or so elementary and middle school students at MES (like 7th grader Jack Luther, pictured) who took the time to make a pinwheel and 'plant' it behind the school to show just how important peace is for our world.