The boys and I go both tourist-y and local during our trip to Pennsylvania.

We've been to Hershey Park a few times, but what my boys get the biggest thrill out of is Chocolate World. For some reason the chocolate there just tastes better, especially when you get free samples. They get such a kick on the ride-along 'tour' of how Hershey's chocolate is made, they love designing their own chocolate bars, sampling all different kinds of both chocolate and candy, and having a 'fresh' ice cream sundae guessed it....Hershey's chocolate syrup on top. And the gift shop is every child's dream and every mom's nightmare...miles of every kind of Hershey product imagineable so that the chocolate-eating can continue for days and days to come.

But my favorite event, held just once a year, is something I have never seen anywhere else and it's wild to see. It's a demolition derby. Yes, with cars (which is a fantastic event in itself)....but also with GIANT COMBINES! That's who DESTROY these monstrous, expensive machines while we yell and cheer them on. A sight to the middle of the countryside (Buck Motorsport, Lancaster County, PA) with rumbling and crashing and...popcorn, all night long!