When you’re in the Eastern Conference Finals, a bus ride across the river is a welcome change from the extra travel that normally comes with a seven game playoff series.  What isn’t welcome, necessarily, is the fact that the rival fans have easy access to both venues. For the New Jersey Devils who have always struggled to fill the seats, this means droves of Rangers fans buying up tickets to the games at the Prudential Center. This year, the Devils have attempted to combat all the Ranger Blue in the seats at The Rock.

For the Conference Finals, the Devils and their fans are attempting to make the Rangers fans persona non grata in their home arena as they are imploring all Devils fans to not sell tickets to Ranger  fans.

The Devils launched a “No Blue” campaign, which they have since taken down from their website.  The campaign requested that you reach out to the organization or other fans before selling your seats. Here is an abstract from the campaign:

If you own seats and have to sell for any of the home games because of conflicts, do NOT list your seats on the secondary market. Blogs such as Fire and Ice, In Lou We Trust, and HFBoards provide you with outlets to speak directly with other Devils fans who are looking for seats. This will ensure you are selling ONLY to other Devils fans. You can ask for pictures or meet them to deliver tickets, to ensure where their loyalty lies.

Here is the promotion that the Devils had on their website :


The Devils unfortunately offer the perfect combination unfortunately to attract Rangers fans. It is a quick trip over the river to Newark and the ticket s are cheaper and more accessible than at Madison Square Garden. How cana passionate Rangers fan NOT take advantage of this?

Although it may be a tad expensive and time consuming, maybe the Devils can do a DNA test and fingerprint every fan at the gate?  Better open those gates at the Prudential Center a little earlier if that’s the way the team decides to go.

Obviously these are tongue-in-cheek-ideas but maybe if they had more passionate fans, they wouldn’t need to campaign would they? Do they really think these tactics will stop the Rangers fan base from invading the Rock for Games 3 & 4 of the Conference Finals?

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