A New Jersey woman is suing her employer because of her daily commute.

Say what?


(Aleksandra Glustsenko, ThinkStock)

The Courier-Post reports that Andrea DeGerolamo of Berlin (Camden County) is suing her former employer, Fulton Financial Corp., because they refused to change her work schedule to avoid busy roads during rush hour.

The woman says she suffers from anxiety and depression, which was worsened by being on crowded roadways during her commute.

She asked her employer to let her come in after the morning rush, and leave before evening rush.

She claims they made no real attempt to accommodate her disability, and also states in her suit that she believes she was fired last year 'in retaliation for her efforts to address alleged workplace bias.'

That's quite possible, or maybe they fired her because she was trying to work, what...a 5 hour day?

Anxiety AND depression are very serious mental health illnesses, but as someone who deals with both of them, albeit in a mild form, I find it slightly obnoxious to use it against someone else in such an unrealistic way.

If she suggested coming in before the morning rush, and THEN leaving before the afternoon rush (or coming late/staying late), she'd still be working a complete day and avoiding her triggers.

To demand an employer let you come in late and then leave early is unfair to your coworkers, your boss, AND your company. Unless you are switching to part-time work, you can't expect to work several hours less a day than everyone else.

In this instance, I would say it's nothing personal, it's business. If you can't handle the lifestyle of having a 9 to 5 gig, why not just work elsewhere?

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