Nicole Scherzinger is defending her decision to let America decide who would go home on Thursday night's X Factor that resulted in the elimination of 13 year old Rachel Crow from the Fox competition.

After being booed off the stage, People reports that Scherzinger has received many negative comments on websites and social media sites.

"My heart comes from the right place so I get really sensitive when people are negative," Scherzinger told reporters after Thursday's show. "I'm like, 'Don't they know I only want the best for every single person? ... I want them to be the best they can be. Ultimately America made the choice."

The former Pussycast Dolls member says Crow is "the sunshine of the show" and felt like she let Crow down.  "I could have been holding on and I dropped her," Scherzinger said. "It's hard to see her cry."

But it was Crow who consoled Scherzinger after the show.  She told the judges, "Everything's gonna be okay."

"I said, 'You know how much I love and adore you. I've always believed in you,' " Scherzinger told People of her conversation with Crow. "'I'm so sorry all of this happened like this. But I didn't send you home, babe.' "


Scherzinger did not relish the thought of having to decide to any of the contestant's fate. "I wasn't going to be the one to send anyone home," Scherzinger said. "Did I think America probably would have chosen Rachel? ... The probability was that they would have sent Marcus home."