I'm a big fan of the X Factor, and even a bigger fan of Rachel Crow. Last night was a tough night and it was the first time I actually walked away from the TV during the show. I'm upset that Rachel went home. I'm upset that Nicole decided not to do her job. I'm upset that I could hear Rachel sobbing from the next room. It may be that I feel that way just because I'm a big Rachel fan. I know that it's all part of the competition and I know she's probably going to be getting dozens of offers and her career is off to a great start, and I know she made it further than most people dream of.

I guess it's just that I don't want to invest that much time in a show only to have my stomach twisted into a knot and my heart ripped out right before my eyes (or ears, since I walked away).  I just might be done with the show for the season. I don't watch TV to feel miserable, and I felt miserable last night. It was tough to watch.