We were saddened to hear the news that a too young Michael Clarke Duncan passed away at age 54. Many believed his death was linked to complications from a recent heart attack. That was not the case. And you won't believe what happening with his family following his passing, it's sad. According to E! News, Duncan died of natural causes.  Assistant Coroner Chief Ed Winter said that Duncan's personal physician signed off on his death as natural and added that the coroner's office found no reason to contradict that reason.


A woman claiming to be Michael Clarke Duncan's daughter has come forward - telling his family that she wants "what's mine." According to RadarOnline.com, Marqay Ambrose, 32, gave an interview to My Fox Chicago, claiming that Duncan was her dad and they hadn't spoken in 11 years. She said, "The only thing that really bothers me about him passing is that we didn't fix."

Sources close to Duncan say that the family doesn't know Ambrose and questioning why she came forward after he died. A source said, "Michael did date Marqay's mother, but he believed he was not her father. He was in the hospital for 53 days, and she never once reached out or tried to talk to him then. It was the DAY he died that she started calling his mother saying 'I want what's mine' and trying to get money from her."

The source continued, "She seems very opportunistic to be making the calls now, especially to his 93-year-old mother on the day her son died. Why wouldn't she have tried to visit him after he had his heart attack? Why didn't she try and reach out to him while he was alive? It all seems like she just wants money and didn't ever care about having a relationship with him."

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